YES! It’s here…finally. That Sun. Those pools. Those waves.

But wait….that hair?!

We all do it without thinking, go for a swim, jump in a lake, sit on a beach but did you know that all of these fun Summer activities will reek havoc on your hair….colored or not. So we are giving you 6 quick hair tips to take care of your locks, just as you would your skin during the heat.


Tip 1:  It all starts with your hair stylist. Kevin Murphy Hair MaskAn educated and caring Stylist should teach you how to care for your hair while giving you an amazing cut and color. A good mask, like Kevin Murphy’s Born Again is exactly what your hair needs to keep your locks hydrated. This product does not contain any harsh sulfates or parabens.


Tip 2: Apply a recommended “leave in heat protectant”on your WET hair to ensure the product penetrates the entire hair shaft. If you apply a leave in on dry hair it will only protect the surface of your strands.A  fabulous leave in product will also protect your hair color from turning brassy/yellow or green. We are BIG fans of Kevin Murphy’s UN.TANGLED pictured below.


 Tip 3: Carry a water spritzer with you and dampen your hair BEFORE you jump into that chlorine riddled pool or salt water ocean. Dampening your locks will prevent those harsh elements from fully absorbing into your hair, which will dry it out even more.

Tip 4: Comb your wet hair with a wide tooth comb (I use a pick) to prevent breakage. NEVER use a brush on wet hair, unless you have a specific “Wet hair brush”. Apply a de-tangler. Be gentle. Take your time. Start at the bottom. When the hair shaft is pulled aggressively it will break in half.

Tip 5: If you wear ponytails/buns, choose a thick hair elastic and change the location of your bun. What?! Yes, when too much tension is placed repeatedly in one place your hair will snap. Seriously! So, wear a high pony one day, a low bun the next and a side braid the following…you get the picture :)

Tip 6: Wear a hat! Not only will this protect your hair from the beating sun but also your head, which prevents sun stroke and heat exhaustion. And did I mention that you will save time by NOT doing your hair AND look super cute?!

Visit your Professional Salon today and protect that costly colored hair this Summer.

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