How to determine your skin type.

We highly recommend you go to your Local Spa and ask for a complimentary Skin Analysis, however if time permits, the following will assist you in choosing the right Facial Products.


OILY SKIN: Do you break out often? Does your Makeup slide off your face through-out the day? Do you have an overall shiny complexion? Most of us know if we have oily skin but did you know that you still need to cleanse, tone, exfoliate and apply a “non oily” Facial moisturizer, such as G.M.Collins Oxygen Puractive Cream. These specific moisturizers keep the “oil at bay”.

SENSITIVE SKIN: If you have allergies, Rosacea or any other skin condition that is sensitive to Facial Products, Makeup or the environment then most likely you have sensitive skin. Ensure you read the labels on your Product and stay away from “alcohol” as being the first ingredient listed. Choose more Natural or organic skin care Products such as our Phytomer skin care line.

COMBINATION SKIN: Is as simple as it sounds! Some areas of your face are dry, some oily and other areas are normal. The combination of oil, dryness and “normal” skin types can change through out the Year, especially when the Seasons change. Most of us usually purchase Facial Products at least 2-4 times a year, so before you go and replenish what you always buy, book in a Facial consultation with your Professional Esthetician first.

DRY SKIN: Does your skin feel tight? Even after you have applied a Professional moisturizer? Do you use a night cream? Does your skin sometimes flake off easily? If you answered “Yes” to most of the above then you have dry skin. The most popular Facial product we sell for dry skin is the G.M.Collins Hydramucine line.


Skin Care Tips:

Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate! We all need to exfoliate our Face at least twice a week to remove the superficial dead skin cells (the flakes), even if you are oily or sensitive. So make sure you choose a Professionally recommended exfoliant suited for your skin type.

Don’t forget your Sunscreen! Every day, you should wear a Mineral based SPF 30 to protect your skin or all your effort and money will go up in flames!

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