If you haven’t had the pleasure of being able to get out of bed, wash your face, put on some bronzer, a bit of lip gloss and head out the door then you are missing out on one of life’s best Beauty tricks… EVER!!

Yes, it is fair to say that I am a big fan of eye lash extensions. Especially during the Summer months when you are outside enjoying the Okanagan sun with activities like swimming, boating, running, hiking or simply walking. Get out of the water and BHAM! Your mascara is not dripping down your face nor do you have to pick off that waterproof mascara when you get home.

Ensure you do your homework before booking an appointment. Ask how much experience the Technician has? What type of lashes do they use? What training the Technician has? And what you need to know before coming in.Prepare to lay down for about 2 hours for your new lash set and then about 45-60 minutes every 3 weeks for your eye lash fills.

If you take care of your lashes they will most definitely last longer. So before leaving your favorite Spa or Salon buy the recommended product to take home. You will need a few simple things like: mascara wands to brush the lashes daily and stop them from “crossing” over each other, oil free cleanser and a lash protector.

If your facial cleanser at home is not oil free then your lashes will fall off sooner-like way sooner! The lash protector does just that-it protects the lashes/glue at the lid and adds more time before you have to go back in for a lash fill.

Be Summer ready! Go get those lashes on at your favorite Spa or Salon

Call 250 860 8727 to book your appointment.

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