Winter Body & Facial tips-IT’S ALMOST HERE AGAIN!

Our frosty Winters can wreak havoc on your skin, especially the exposed areas like your face. Your skin normally sheds it’s skin throughout the year and when our climates change so does our skin. And therefore your skin care routine needs to change too!

For the most part, the skin care products you use to protect and nourish your face in the Spring and Summer should NOT be the same in the Winter months. If you ski, snowboard, snow mobile, cross country ski or toboggan your face and hands will need even more T.L.C.


To prevent your Facial skin from feeling-and being-overly dry, rough and flaky our Professional Spa Estheticians recommend you follow these easy steps:

1. Get a Facial with your Esthetician! Your skin needs to be professionally cleansed, exfoliated, extracted and hydrated at least 4 times a year-when the Seasons change. Don’t neglect your face, it is the only one you have :) .

The most important part of getting a Spa facial is what you will learn about your skin. Experienced Estheticians are highly knowledgeable and will tell you how to address your concerns. They have spent numerous years in training and working with every skin type imaginable, so this is the BEST person to help you.

2. Use Professionally recommended Skin Care, such as our G.M. Collins skin care line pictured below. A cleanser, exfoiliant, toner, a heavier moisturizer and a SPF Sunscreen is what you need. Getting into a good skin care regimen will make the world of difference to your skin and will help prevent premature signs of aging…yes that’s called “wrinkles”! How long will it take in the morning and evening? About 2 minutes a day!


3. Be consistent and follow the Professional advice you have been given from your Spa Esthetician and don’t forget the sunscreen. It will protect your face from the all the environmental elements and keep your skin looking young for many years to come.




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