Hair Color Corrections


Now and again we receive a phone call from a guest who took a chance and put a box color in their hair and it didn’t turn out like the picture OR they have come from another Salon disappointed with their results.


From Amber to Platinum!
Our Hair stylists at Mirror Mirror Salon & Spa are professionally trained in L’Oreal  color, especially color corrections. We receive extensive and ongoing education for this specifically and we LOVE helping you reach your goal.

Most hair salons like you to come in for a complimentary consultation first as it gives you and your Stylist a clear understanding of your expectations, including budget and what is possible and what isn’t.

We would love to correct the yellow-e tinge you are currently wearing underneath your hat and send you on your way but we also have to be realistic and honest and sometimes you will have to endure a few visits to get the result you want.Trust us, you don’t want your hair breaking off from over processing and neither do we.

 Any Stylist’s main focus is to minimize damage and keep the integrity of your hair.
There is a whole lot of science…we are talking chemistry here… behind hair color and it’s not always fool proof. Sometimes mistakes are made. After all isn’t that the reason you are visiting a Salon in the first place?

Yes your hair can be fixed :) . You just need some patience and understand that the Stylist is recommending what he/she can do for you today.

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