Having a BAD Hair Day?!

That dreaded morning when we wake up exhausted,

rushed or just plain “can’t be bothered attitude” and really

don’t want to spend any time on making our hair look

good. What do you do?


Personally, my “go to” Bad Hair Day accessory is my Hat…and I have plenty of them to choose from :) . Any kind of hat like… a fedora, baseball cap, toque, cowboy hat, beanie, you get the picture, one to go with any outfit for any event. I wear my hair down underneath my chosen hat or put my hair into a low ponytail or messy bun and voila…I am DONE!


I asked our Team of Stylists and this is what they do:

1. They use Professional Salon product, and lots of it! L’Oreal’s Aerosol Next Day Hair is perfect for refreshing your locks and removing the oil and build up from hair other products. Section your hair around the crown and frame of your face, lift up and spray at the Roots.

2. Then what?! Well… if your hair is long enough you can do a side braid. After securing with an elastic, gently pull some of your hair out of the braid to make it look undone.

3. Or…you can opt to put your hair into a low ponytail, then twist the hair around the elastic and secure it with bobby pins or simply tuck it under the elastic. WAIT…finish it off with a big flower accessory to the side or directly above your messy bun. Alternately you can pin your hair into the fashion forward “high bun”.

4. What most of our Stylists do (after using dry shampoo) is to either blow dry their hair into a style and/or use a flat iron or curling iron to finish. Or they may not even pull out their tools! They say the biggest secret for a Bad Hair Day gone good is to BACKCOMB your hair… a lot! TIP: Wherever you have sprayed your dry shampoo is the area you need to back comb. This will give you amazing volume, especially at the Roots.

Last but not least…we may opt to come into work a little early and have another Stylist wash and blow dry our hair. Hello fresh, clean hair!


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