Let’s talk about Hair Color.


We are a L’Oreal Professional Salon and being one means we offer different Semi, Semi/Demi-Permanent and Permanent hair color lines to achieve your desired results. WHAT?! If this is speaking a different language to you don’t worry we will start with explaining the difference between Dia light and Dia Richesse in the L’Oreal line up.

Dia-Richesse is a Demi-Permanent color line that is perfect for guests who like to switch up their hair color often and/or who want to darken their color now. Some other reasons your Stylist may choose this line for you:

1. covers up to 70% of grey hair

2. provides a more natural looking “grow out” (no harsh lines)

3. excellent for virgin or colored hair

4. very rich hair color results: hence why it is awesome for darker, richer colors

5. provides a beautiful shine


Dia Light is a Semi-Permanent color line that is Ammonia FREE and extremely gentle for sensitized/damaged hair. Some reasons why your Stylist may choose this option for you:

1. best line for color treated or sensitized hair types (if you bleach or change your color often this may be better suited for you as it won’t cause as much damage and will preserve the integrity of your hair).

2. since this color line does NOT lift it will provide an overall even color throughout your hair

3. more of a natural “fade out” at the Root area: no harsh lines are visible

4. extremely gentle on the hair, no harsh chemicals!

Stay tuned for more Hair talk! Next up…L’Oreal Professional’s Majirel and Inoa Carmilane! 

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