Summer is winding down. Fall is in the air.Company is gone. Routine is back.

Time for you. Time to look at yourself. Time to really evaluate where you are at. Time to make plans for a better future. Time to look in the mirror. Time to look at your “Summer skin”. Time for some self love.

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Every Fall brings changes to your skin. Changes to your body and facial skin. During the Summer our skin takes a beating from the sun, wind, sand, chlorine, salt water, lake water and probably an inconsistent skin care regime.

I know I tend to let my “toner” and my “moisturizer” slide a little. I am not as diligent of taking care of myself during the crazy, hazy days of Summer. So as fast as Summer has come and gone, it is a blessing for Fall and our”self care regime”to arrive….well at least in my house anyways :)

So, let’s talk about your face. When you look in the mirror does your skin look dry? De-hyrdrated? Dull? Crepy? Do you see more wrinkles or perhaps some pigmentation (sun damage) has come to the surface. This is when your Beauty Professional tells you to come see us to deeply cleanse, mask, re-hydrate, revitalize and asses your skin’s needs.

You see it’s pretty simple. Go see your Professional Skin Therapist and get a facial. A facial that addresses “Summer skin”. One that contains Vitamin C, Bota-peptides, Collagen, some kind of chemical/enzyme peel or a Microdermabrasion treatment. Like our GM Collin Sea C Spa below.

GM Collins S C Spa facial facts

And listen. Listen to your Professional when they tell you what your skin needs to repair itself. Take home the recommended product when you leave. We are not trying to sell you the bank…we are only trying to address your concerns and help you achieve the results you are looking for. If money is a concern then ask your Therapist “out of the 3 products you recommend, which one will give me THE BEST results right now”? Then take that product home. And when money permits go back and purchase the rest.

Our GM Collins Sea C Spa Facial is highly recommend for all our guests this time of the Year as it contains everything your skin needs to start the healing process. But remember your skin care regime must continue at home. Don’t waste your money on a facial if you are not prepared to maintain the results at home with Professionally recommended skin care products. And yes I said Professional skin care products…NOT drug store ones!


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