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Let’s continue our talk about Hair, Color lines and why your Stylismay choose L’Oreal Professional’s Majirel! 

L’Oreal’s Majirel line has been in circulation for decades now and for good reason. This permanent color line is a “go to” in most L’Oreal Professional Salons. Why you ask? Well, keep reading…

Firstly, Majeril has over 100 shades for your Hair Stylist to choose from. Most any color your heart desires can be achieved if not immediate then within a few Salon visits.

Why Majeril is so great:

1. permanent color line

2. 100% grey coverage

3. rich intense color throughout

4. fade resistant-PERFECT for bolder colors like red, rich chestnut brown, etc…

5. color penetrates all the way deep into the hair shaft

6. infused with strengthening bonds to reinforce the color and your hair

If you like to change your hair color often OR don’t like harsh “grow out” lines then this is NOT the best choice for your Stylist to use. Being that it is a permanent line it will take several visits to your Salon to remove it. If you are going MORE than 2 shades lighter than you are now and wonder why it takes numerous color applications to achieve the look you want, it is usually because the color that is in your hair now is more than likely a permanent one (especially if you are using “box color”).

Be sure to communicate your desired result, lifestyle and budget in detail with your Stylist, as this will direct him/her in choosing the best color line for you. It may be Majeril or it may be Inoa or Dia Richesse?

Not sure? Have questions? Go visit your L’Oreal Professional Salon and talk to a Stylist, after all this is what they went to school for and continue to educate themselves on…YOUR HAIR :)


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