Soft Wax versus Hard Wax

Hard Wax?       Soft Wax?       Why use one over the other? 

In the Spa Industry we have an option to use a soft or a hard wax on our guests/clients. What would make one better than the other really depends on the quality of the wax, your skin and the areas being waxed.

Soft Wax. Hard Wax.

A hard wax is typically used for Brazilians, Bikini, Under arm and Facial waxingNow, that’s not to say that a soft wax can’t be used, it’s just that a hard wax is usually a better choice for these sensitive, smaller areas.

Some facts about hard waxes:

-better for sensitive or “thinner” skin types due to genealogy or medication

-there are NO strips (or pellon, cloth, etc) used to remove the wax.

-the wax is applied much thicker and therefor takes a little longer to “dry”

-takes more time to wax as it needs to dry before being removed, especially in the Bikini area as it is usually much warmer and moister

-pulled by hand

-if not done properly, the “Waxer” may overlap the areas which can cause irritation or redness.


Now on the other hand a soft wax (or strip wax) is perfect for all areas of the body, especially the legs, arms, stomach, back, chest, etc…any larger areas. However it is fine to use in the Bikini and Facial areas as well.

Other soft wax facts:

-a cloth type or pellon strip is used to remove the wax

-better suited for “oilier” skin types

-suitable for all hair types (thin, coarse, curly, etc…)

-the wax is applied much thinner and removed with a strip

-there is NO waiting for the wax to dry

-time wise: using a soft wax is much quicker

In conclusion, if you have very sensitive skin it would be in your best interest to use a hard wax for Brazilians and Facial waxingIf you have broken out, had any lifting of the skin, or in the last few months have been on a glycolic/retinol or other type of “thinning” medications then make sure you go to a Professional Spa that uses hard wax.

AND ask what type of wax they are using. Because yes, a good quality wax, like Satin Smooth, will be a little more expensive. Many Spas are buying the most economical product to increase their profit margins and hey, who wouldn’t want to make more money? But the results can be very harmful and actually leave you with scars. Is YOUR skin worth a few extra bucks?! Ummm…yes! So ladies and gentlemen ensure you know your wax facts before your initial Spa visit and happy waxing!

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