Tape In Hair Extensions to the rescue!

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Have you wanted longer, thicker hair all your life but can’t seem to get there? Is your hair damaged from Hot Tools and processing? Or maybe you inherited thinner looking hair? Well… you can now have longer, thicker more voluminous hair in just one afternoon with “Tape In Hair Extensions”!

Long Hair

A long time ago most Hair Stylist’s were using a “glue in” or “weave” to create longer, fuller hair. And although the end result was fabulous, when it came time to re-do or take out the bonded extensions your own hair was left so damaged that you had to eventually cut it all off. So, now you were back to square one of the painful grow out but…even worse because now your hair was even shorter than when you started!!

Well your prayers have been answered! A Stylist’s and client’s new best friend are “Tape In Hair Extensions”! Tape In’s have been around for a few years now and are here to stay. What makes these so much better for your hair? Keep reading…


-If you maintain the extensions properly at home and follow the recommendations your Stylist has provided you, they will not damage your hair!

-A GOOD Stylist uses only REAL Hair

-Real hair can be colored to match your own hair

-Real hair can be curled, flat ironed and shampooed without any damage to the extensions

-The “tape part” is discretely hidden

-Perfect for most people including Grads and Brides!

-Wear them for a short time or a long time whatever your goal is, rest assured that your OWN hair will grow out healthy.


-Price! Yes you will pay for a Professional Stylist to initially put them in for you but more importantly they will instruct you on “home care” and your specific Salon maintenance program.

-Time. Initially it will take your Stylist anywhere from 1.5-3 hours depending on the desired result. But it’s the maintenance that will take the most time. Approximately, every 2-4 months you will have to get your Tape In Extensions “re-taped” due to your own hair growth…which helps prevent breakage.

Do your research! Seek out Professional Salons ONLY…ask your friends, google online results and ensure you call your Salon to ask all the important questions such as:

1. What type of hair do you use?

2. How long has the Stylist been performing hair extensions?

3. How long has the Stylist been in the Industry?

4. Can I color them?

5. Can I book a complimentary consultation to find out more?

 If you have always wanted longer, thicker hair without the wait, without the damage, “Tape In Hair Extensions” are your answer! Call your local Salon today for a complimentary consultation.



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