Do you want your lipstick to last for 3-5 hours without re-applying? Are you getting married? Are you just plain tired of your current lipstick’s non staying power?

Jane Iredale lipfixation

Jane Iredale’s lip stain is here to stay and if you haven’t tried their Lip Fixation well….then keep reading. We will tell you all about how and why this 100% mineral lip stain REALLY WORKS!

Similar to other double-duty non-mineral lip stains, this Jane Iredale product is more durable and more vibrant than a conventional lipstick. Minimal need for re-application means your lips stay smooch-able through drinking, eating and well…smooching of course!

lips for kissing

To achieve the long-lasting dynamic of the lip fixation, some emollient and moisturizing ingredients have been removed from the actual lip color. Why? To ensure that the color will adhere firmly to the lips and set quickly.

The absence of a hydrating component may feel foreign on your lips compared to other conventional lip products. To combat the sensation of feeling matte, Jane has included a hydrating gloss on the other end of the lip fixation.

For optimal results, we suggest to follow these application techniques:
-Apply STEP 1 to clean, dry lips starting at the centre and working outward
-Wait 60 seconds to dry. DO NOT SMACK or massage you lips together
-If needed re-apply the lip fixation STEP 1 to deepen the colour
-Once your desired shade is reached & lips are 100% dry, apply STEP 2- the lip gloss. OR skip STEP 2 for a more matte look
-Viola, your lips are ready to be taken out!

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