You leave the Salon looking fabulous as ever….how does your Stylist do it?!



Let’s just start by saying, your Hair Stylist has had Professional training and you have not-this is why you see her/him! However, with the right hair brush (and of course product) you may come close to getting the same bounce, volume and smoothness when blow drying your hair.

Our Stylists recommend the following Hair brushes for

the best blow out results:

For FINE hair: Choose a medium sized round brush with a combination of BOAR and NYLON tipped bristles, preferably a TOURMALINE one (Tourmaline ions helps hair dry faster and eliminate frizz)!

Ideal for smoothing and straightening medium and long hair lengths. The bristles will  promote shiny, smooth, and healthy hair and will glide through your hair nicely, without playing tug of war! The combination of bristles helps to build volume as well.


For SHORT/MEDIUM length hair: Your best bet is a concave, tunnel dual vented hair brush.

Perfect for smoothing, and straightening short and medium hair lengths. The vented style brush will speed up your blow drying time… pronto! The scalp-hugging, curved shape is designed for control, keeping hair centered on the head of the brush during your blow dry.


For MEDIUM /LONG hair: Use a medium to large sized round brush with a ceramic, thermal base.

This particular hair brush distributes the heat evenly to prevent damage while brushing and styling your hair at high temperatures. These popular hair brushes will help reduce that annoying frizz and get you out the door quicker due to faster blow drying time.

The BEST person to ask what type of Round brush to get is your Hair Stylist. Your Stylist knows your hair, how it lies, drying time and your lifestyle, so don’t be afraid to ask! They will gladly educate you, after all it is their work walking around! :)




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