THE Top 5 Bridal Beauty products!


It’s a hot & sunny day in the Okanagan. You are nervous and a bit dewy and teary but wait….NO your hair, your makeup…eeek! What now?

Your big day is finally here! The day you have put in countless hours to prepare,organize AND look your best but… you have forgotten about the possibility of a hair and makeup catastrophe! Thank goodness that your Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist recommended these top 5 Beauty products to stay beautiful into the wee hours of the morning!

Jane Iredale Blotting-Papers

1.It is normal in the Okanagan for the heat to bring out an unattractive shine on your face. Obviously this will not look good in your Wedding pictures. Solution: for the shine- JANE IREDALE “Facial Blotting Papers” will remove the oils but NOT your Makeup! Made of rice paper these little facial papers come in a pretty gold compact small enough to fit into any Wedding purse or clutch.

2.Tissues are never close by when you need them! Solution: for the tears- JANE IREDALE “Dot the I” makeup remover swabs. These little gems gently remove mascara and also come in a convenient size for your clutch!

3.Every time you get a congratulatory hug, a watch or bracelet undoubtedly brushes your gorgeous hair causing unsightly frizz. Solution: for the frizz- KEVIN MURPHY “Session Hair Spray-mini”that will fit into, yes you guessed it…your clutch! And this fast drying super hold spray will keep your frizz tamed until you take a brush to it!

Jane Iredale lipfixation

4.Between newlywed kisses & champagne toasting, your lipstick is fading quickly. Solution: for the lack luster lips- JANE IREDALE “Lip Fixation” Long Wearing Lip Stain will stay on your lips for at least 3-6 hours long.

5.Your photographer keeps wanting to take close up pictures of your stunning rings, but because of the dry heat in the Okanagan your hands look like prehistoric river beds! Solution: for the dry hands- PHYTOMER Hand Cream. This is a go to all year long for us! This moisturizing cream dries instantly and will last 2-3 hand washes to boot!

Brides: these Professional Beauty recommendations will ease your mind- and your beauty- so you can enjoy the most important day of your life. Congratulations on your upcoming Nuptials :) .

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