No one wants hair that’s flat as a pancake, so here are some of our favorite Professional products to create voluminous hair that will last for days!

A long time ago clients and hairdressers alike relied heavily on backcombing their hair combined with hairspray to achieve voluminous hair.

So glad the technology and science behind hair products that promise you volume are here to stay and less damaging to your hair. After using your hair should feel soft, look sexy and easy to brush out. Not like it used to be in your Mom or Grandmother’s day: feeling hard, stiff and full of tangles.

Used correctly your hair will feel bouncy and look thick… but light. If you aren’t sure on what hair product to use or where to start, book an appointment with your Hair Stylist to assist you.

Here are some of our favorite Kevin Murphy products to create volume:

kevinmurphy-powder-puffKevin Murphy Powder Puff: mix with a little mousse and apply at Roots on towel dried hair before blow drying. Finish with a light hair spray.

kevin-murphy-anti-gravity-oil-free-volumiser-5-1-oz-500x500Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity lotion: apply a quarter size amount from mid to ends on towel dried hair then blow dry. Finish with a  light hair spray.

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