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What to expect after a Massage…

Sep 8

  A relaxation or aromatherapy Massage will help you unwind and relax but more importantly the Massage will release muscle soreness, ligament/tendon pressure, headaches/migraines, overall aches and pains and stored toxins in your body. Yes. All of these benefits are felt immediately...


Mineral vs Chemical Sunscreens.

Aug 4

We all know how important sun protection is in the Okanagan. What you may not know is… what is the BEST Sunscreen for you? Should you choose a Mineral or Chemical based Sunscreen?   Mineral or physical sunscreens such as...



Feb 22

IT’S RAMPANT RIGHT NOW…THE FLU. HERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU CAN DO TO STAY HEALTHY. First and foremost: wash your hands frequently throughout your day, especially before eating. Carry a hand sanitizer and a hydrating lotion with you to fight...


Have you tried our Signature Massage?

Dec 2

The reasons to try it: -relaxing -improved circulation -release stored toxins -dreamy -full body exfoiliation -relief of muscle soreness -blissful -improve mental clarity -give yourself some TLC -heavenly -spend quality time together   The reasons not to try it: -really????...



Nov 4

ON A TIME BUDGET?! WE OFFER AN EXPRESS PEDICURE AND MANICURE COMBINATION THAT TAKES 60 MINUTES OUT THE DOOR! Most local Spas offer express manicure and pedicure options for those of us who really need to get in and out...



Oct 5

You asked…we answered… Q: How long do I have to wait until I book my next appointment? A: It varies depending on the stage of your hair growth, but the average time is between 3-5 weeks. Q: How long does...


Our Signature Massage…

Aug 11

DO YOU NEED SOME PAMPERING?!     If you haven’t experienced our Mirror Mirror Signature Massage then you are missing out! If you have, then you already know how blissful this massage really is!     This is how it...



Mar 31

How to determine your skin type. We highly recommend you go to your Local Spa and ask for a complimentary Skin Analysis, however if time permits, the following will assist you in choosing the right Facial Products.   OILY SKIN:...


NEW Kevin Murphy Plumping Line

Nov 26

The NEW Kevin Murphy Plumping Line, specifically the Body Mass, is a hair product all of us will need eventually… so keep reading!   A Paraben FREE hair product, Body Mass contains Citrus flavonoids, Ginger Root Nettle and Parsley extracts....


Spa Massages vs. R.M.T Massages.

Nov 17

  There may come a time in your life that you will need to see a Registered Massage Therapist, due to injury or chronic muscle/joint pain. Or perhaps you are like many of us who see an R.M.T. because it...


Massage Me Please!

Jul 22

Finding the time to take care of yourself should always be a priority, however with Summer upon us and holidays planned our personal time usually gets pushed aside.     If I plan ahead and schedule in some “me time”,...



Jun 30

It’s Summer..Yeah! And with it comes golden tans and sunburns. How do you decipher all the sunscreen information (or as I call it ” clever marketing”) and choose a sunscreen product that is suitable for your skin type? Firstly you...


It’s Pedicure Season!

May 26

It’s that time of Year, when everyone tosses their boots and rejoices in the freedom of being bare foot again!   The Best Pedicure tips to maintain your pampered feet at home: Since Nail Polish takes a few hours to...


Mother’s Day Spa Wish List!

May 1

MOMS…they deserve to be spoiled and appreciated all Year long however, we get busy, distracted or simply forget to show how much we love and appreciate our Moms! Every Year we have husbands, partners, fiance’s and children come in to...


Do you have clean Makeup brushes?

Feb 18

Purchasing good quality Makeup brushes make all the difference in your application and your final look. Ensure you keep your brushes in pristine condition and they will last you for many years!   We love Jane Iredale’s Botanical Makeup Brush...


Waxing Tips: How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs.

Feb 6

Most of us have experienced those annoying ingrown hairs after we have waxed or shaved…     What is an ingrown hair? An ingrown hair happens when the hair itself grows back INTO the skin.   During waxing the hair...


Wedding Spa Treatments

Jan 13

Are you stressed out? Need a relaxing afternoon to unwind from your Wedding “to-do list”?   Every Bride should have these treatments approximately 2-7 days before the  Wedding Day…. 5 days out: Our eyes, facial expressions and body language show...


Flawless skincare tips

Dec 16

Some Facial tips and Poor Skin Habits to AVOID:   1. Do not pop your pimples! This can create facial scarring and cause a bacteria infection, which makes your spot bigger and brighter. Your spot will naturally heal itself within...



Dec 11

We all LOVE them…We all WANT them… Do we really need a “reason” to have a massage?! Here are some key benefits to having regular massages: If you are sitting at a desk all day, chances are you will eventually...


Christmas and your health.

Nov 30

We all have it! It’s that time of the Year when most of us feel sad, exhausted, over-whelmed or perhaps you are “over the moon” with joy and happiness?! The following are some tips for those of us who need...


Bio Sculpture vs Gel Polish

Nov 14

The great debate… Our Guests are continually asking our staff the difference between our Bio Sculpture Gel and other Shellac or Gellish products on the market.   We have acquired a list of the main features and benefits of each,...


Hair Drama…What NOT to do

Aug 20

Most of us forget about protecting our hair during the summer months but sun and heat are your hair and scalp’s worst enemy! If you pay a lot of money to color your hair remember you also need to protect...


Benefits of Massage

Apr 10

  Reasons to love massages… Not only are Massages a great way to feel relaxed and pampered, but they also offer many other amazing health benefits: The immediate benefits of Massage: -Reduced blood pressure -Relieves muscle tension and stiffness -Peace...