Is it Spring yet?! Is it Spring yet?!

Wishful thinking I know, but one can dream…

At this time of the Year most of us are over the cold, snow, rain, fog, clouds and lack of sunshine. If you live in a Winter climate you are so OVER Winter! Sunshine sunshine, where are you??

To get through the last few (hopefully) dreadful weeks of Winter Wonderland how about carving out some “inside time” to re-focus on family, career, personal and spiritual goals…YOU. Are YOU worth some time?

Where do you see yourself in the next year, both personally and Professionally? Six months? One month? How are you going to get there? Is it Specific? Measurable? Attainable? Realistic? And Timely? Yes…I am talking about S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting.

Just like Spring cleaning we must re-evaluate ourselves and our lives at least once a year. If done properly and written on paper, Goal setting can be extremely insightful and rewarding. But it lies within YOU to start the process of self reflection.

Honestly, if you haven’t done goal setting before it is quite simple. Don’t be overwhelmed from the get go…you just need an afternoon of silence. Just YOU and your thoughts. that’s a novelty eh?! Yes that Canadian is seeping out :) .

If you write it out, it becomes real. It becomes yours. You become it. Start with a blank piece of paper and break it out into columns:

-S (smart) M (measurable) A (attainable) R (realistic) T (timely).

-then break out how you are going to accomplish it (courses, schooling, reading, mindset, change of habits, etc) Is it realistic… to YOU? Is it attainable…to YOU?

-what you are going to do in a month, then a week, then a day to accomplish your goal.

-display your paper where YOU can see it, create a poster board or simply leave it somewhere visible. Somewhere you can see it,  if not daily then at least weekly. This part is vital after finishing your Goal setting…if you put it somewhere where YOU can’t see it and hold YOURSELF accountable then it will not be helpful… to YOU.

So don’t worry about Spring coming just yet, you have too much work to do! Happy setting :)

Spring flowers


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