Mineral vs Chemical Sunscreens.

We all know how important sun protection is in the Okanagan. What you may not know is… what is the BEST Sunscreen for you?

Should you choose a Mineral or Chemical based Sunscreen?


Jane Iredale Sunscreen

Mineral or physical sunscreens such as Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide form a protective shield, reflecting UV rays from the skin’s surface.

Both of these mineral ingredients are excellent choices for people with sensitive or reactive skin as they are NOT absorbed by the skin, therefore they do not cause any skin reactions.

In fact, Zinc Oxide is a known anti-irritant and is commonly used in sensitive skin care lines as shown on here on the left with Jane Iredale’s Mineral SPF25.


Chemical sunscreens on the other hand, work by absorbing the energy of UV rays. This converts it to heat that is then dispersed in the skin. This can cause a person to actually heat up which can lead to discomfort.

Additionally, these chemicals can only absorb so much UV before they are completely ineffective. This is why you need to reapply them so frequently. Some chemical filters can react with your skin and may cause an “irritant” dermatitis and photo sensitivity.


 Mirror Mirror carries a variety of long-wearing Mineral Sun Protectants.  Stop by for a complimentary skincare consultation and stay sun safe!

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