What to expect after a Massage…


  A relaxation or aromatherapy Massage will help you unwind and relax but more importantly the Massage will release muscle soreness, ligament/tendon pressure, headaches/migraines, overall aches and pains and stored toxins in your body. Yes. All of these benefits are felt immediately or within a few days after your treatment.

Sometimes there are mild side effects that you may feel within 2 days of your Massage that we feel you should know:

1. Because your Therapist has released stored toxins your stomach may be a little upset immediately following or the day after your massage. What to do? Drink plenty of water to help eliminate the toxins from your blood stream, eat a healthy balanced diet and get plenty of rest.

2. Your Therapist has probably worked on some knots in between your shoulder blades or in your upper/lower back. Within a few days your surrounding muscles can feel tight and sore to move, even if your Therapist did not work too much in that area. What to do? Again, drink plenty of water and gently stretch the areas that are causing you discomfort. A nice hot Espom salts bath would greatly speed up the healing process, so… jump on in! :)

3. After your massage, your fascia tissue (the deeper layers of your muscle) may feel sore to touch or may hurt when you move a certain way. Typically your Therapist will do this kind of release work in a deep therapeutic massage not a relaxation or aromatherapy Massage. However, if you are sore the same rules applies here…water, stretch, Epsom salts and rest.

4. You may also experience headaches or a general feeling of un-well immediately following or within 48 hours of your treatment. Generally speaking these are toxins running rampant in your blood stream with no where to go. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily for the next 48 hours to flush out your system and get plenty of sleep.

HAPPY NEWS….By day 3 -if not earlier-your body and mind will feel much better, you will have more energy and no doubt you will be looking forward to your next relaxation Massage!

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