One Hair Product…10 Endless Options!

Our Stylist Kelcey is raving about L’Oreal’s new 10-in-1

Perfecting Multi-Purpose leave in Spray.


It’s understandable that you may be skeptical about one product’s ability to be 100% effective at everything a hair product says it does. We totally get it, we’ve been fooled before too but… with just a few sprays of this little miracle worker and you will turn into a hair believer. Promise!



COCONUTApplication is easy: before styling, spray  5-7 spritzes onto your towel-dried hair from mid-length to ends and comb it through.

The best part..the smell! The coconut, fruit oils and sunflower seed extracts start to repair and replenish your hair immediately.


 This new L’Oreal 10 in 1 leave in spray is:

1. a de-tangler

2. a heat-protectant

3. an anti-frizz-repellent

4. shine enhancer


This ‘wonder spray’ will be your hair’s new best friend after one use.

Available at your Professional L’Oreal Salon.

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