This “your donation makes a difference with the one bag Food donation challenge” all started with the Mayor of Kelowna, Colin Basran.

It all started because the Central Okanagan Food Bank’s supply was running low…extremely low and we as a community needed to do something to help our homeless. The “power of five” challenge is similar to the A.L.S Ice Bucket Challenge that infiltrated our Social Media platforms last year.

Someone takes a bag or box full of food down to the Food Bank and gets their picture taken. This person or Business then nominates FIVE more individuals or Businesses to bring down their box within 48 hours and then choose 5 more to carry on the challenge. (Money donations are also greatly appreciated)!

Community Food Bank

So here is our Manager Vanessa smiling widely for her picture. Community is very important to us at Mirror Mirror Salon & Spa. As a Team, we always do our best to give or donate our time to help others less fortunate.

Be thankful. Everyday.

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