Like every Retail Business we have slow times during the year, typically it runs from October-November and March-April. How do we, as Professionals in the hair and esthetics industry make the most of this time?

At Mirror Mirror Salon & Spa we believe education is key to personal and career growth. Without consistent growth we plateau. We get bored. We lack motivation. We become dull and mediocre. We stop evolving within our Industry.

We are creative, fashion forward, high energy Professionals who thrive on change! After all this is what the Beauty Industry is all about…forever change.

So, we embrace our “down time”!

For instance, in our Hair Salon we participate in bi weekly in house training, attend hair workshops, learn from our peers, test ourselves, practice our craft and brush up on the newest and greatest hair trends. We do all of this for YOU…our guest!

We have meetings, brainstorm, clean, re-vamp, re-do and re-organize ourselves to be the best version of us and we look forward to sharing this with you.


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