The TOP 3 reasons we are a L’Oreal Professional Salon.

Why we ARE L’Oreal Professional.

Numero uno: L’Oreal Professional Canada is the most supportive”partner” any Salon owner could ever ask for. Seriously…no joke! L’Oreal wants us to succeed. They want us to be on trend. To be excited. They want our entire Team including Management and Guest Services to learn, grow and share our knowledge with YOU!  L’Oreal provides our Team with ongoing education. We love learning from their highly talented and I might add “award winning” Master Stylists and Educators at least 4 times a year (this all we can manage to squeeze in but I have no doubt if we asked for more, L’Oreal would gladly give it)!piggy-bank

So this means our Stylists stay inspired and grow with the trends “in house”. Our Team is super fortunate to NOT source out “other education” and be out of pocket.

Second reason: L’Oreal Professional Canada is innovative. Constant change in our ever changing Beauty Industry. You must be. You have to be. If you aren’t changing…evolving…growing…then you are stagnant. Bored. Blah. Dull. From their Inoa Ammonia Free color line to the newest shades of semi permanent Dia Richesse, this company researches the most healthiest formulas before releasing their newest creations to the Salons. Their main purpose is to maintain the integrity of your hair and skin. Color without compromise.

Third and last: L’oreal Professional is known as a Superior Color Line and is what our guests and Stylists expect and love. Their reputation. Our reputation. Nothing but the BEST for YOU! We guarantee our work using L’Oreal Professional Color. And the best part…you can maintain the results at home with their specifically formulated shampoos, conditioners, masks and styling products.

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