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Soft Wax versus Hard Wax

Jan 26

Hard Wax?       Soft Wax?       Why use one over the other?  In the Spa Industry we have an option to use a soft or a hard wax on our guests/clients. What would make one better than...


Let’s talk about Hair Color.

Jan 5

We are a L’Oreal Professional Salon and being one means we offer different Semi, Semi/Demi-Permanent and Permanent hair color lines to achieve your desired results. WHAT?! If this is speaking a different language to you don’t worry we will start...



Sep 13

Summer is winding down. Fall is in the air.Company is gone. Routine is back. Time for you. Time to look at yourself. Time to really evaluate where you are at. Time to make plans for a better future. Time to...



Aug 18

YES! It’s here…finally. That Sun. Those pools. Those waves. But wait….that hair?! We all do it without thinking, go for a swim, jump in a lake, sit on a beach but did you know that all of these fun Summer...


Mineral vs Chemical Sunscreens.

Aug 4

We all know how important sun protection is in the Okanagan. What you may not know is… what is the BEST Sunscreen for you? Should you choose a Mineral or Chemical based Sunscreen?   Mineral or physical sunscreens such as...


Is Your Skin Care Routine ‘Spring-Friendly?

May 15

Kelowna skin suffers greatly in the early Spring & Winter months.   During this time the skin’s exfoliation process slows down, circulation is poor, breakouts occur and lackluster complexions are common. When this happens your fine lines and wrinkles are...



Sep 9

MAKEUP MAGIC! Makeup Makeup everywhere! Every year from May through October we have the pleasure of performing Wedding day makeup for not only the Brides but their parties. Our Makeup artists and Hair stylists are thrilled to be part of...


NEW! L’Oreal Professional Leave in Spray.

Aug 17

  L’Oreal Professional Color 10 in 1: the perfect multi-purpose spray. Excellent for color treated hair. The Color 10 in 1 spray will protect your color treated hair from  heat damage, up to 450° F. This new leave in spray...



May 22

How to get Pastel Hair. This super cool tutorial is a must see if you are considering going to the pastel side! Everything you need to know in 3 minutes courtesy of  @classicshanelle @ashleycandline and @mirrormirrorsalonspa . A big Thank...



Mar 31

How to determine your skin type. We highly recommend you go to your Local Spa and ask for a complimentary Skin Analysis, however if time permits, the following will assist you in choosing the right Facial Products.   OILY SKIN:...



Feb 19

IF YOU ARE 30 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER, I AM SURE YOU HAVE FOUND SOME GREY HAIRS COMING OUT TO PLAY. So…now what?! Do you pull them out? Heck NO! Not only will you damage your hair follicle by...



Feb 16

You leave the Salon looking fabulous as ever….how does your Stylist do it?!     Let’s just start by saying, your Hair Stylist has had Professional training and you have not-this is why you see her/him! However, with the right...



Jan 15

GIVE YOUR LOVER A BEAUTIFUL MEMORY OF YOU! Our Professional Team of Stylists and Estheticians will enhance your beauty before you enjoy your own 30 minute private Photo Session with the amazing John Morrison. John has a special way to...


NEW Kevin Murphy Plumping Line

Nov 26

The NEW Kevin Murphy Plumping Line, specifically the Body Mass, is a hair product all of us will need eventually… so keep reading!   A Paraben FREE hair product, Body Mass contains Citrus flavonoids, Ginger Root Nettle and Parsley extracts....


NEW Phytomer Facial Peel.

Nov 4

We are thrilled to tell you about Phytomer’s NEW Resurfacing Peel! Phytomer’s Resurfacing Product is our Esthetician’s new favorite facial exfoiliant. I asked the same question…”why”? This is why our Esthetician’s love it: 1. It feels like having a Micordermabrasion...


SHELLAC is the new Super Star!

Oct 23

SHELLAC POLISH has become a very popular choice for Ladies lately. Why? Well for starters it is somewhat between a regular nail polish and gel, such as Bio sculpture.   THE BIGGEST DRAW FOR CHOOSING SHELLAC IS THAT THERE IS...



Sep 30

THE RED CARPET EVENT! GLAMOR-EYES…time to sparkle! You will not want to miss out on this Special ladies only evening featuring… International Jane Iredale Educator Ruben & Professional photography by John Morrison Studios! Do you want to learn how to...


The Brazilian Influence Update!

Jul 7

  Since we perform many Brazilian waxing at Mirror Mirror Salon and Spa, we thought we would share this information again….for those of you who dare to go bare! *Updated Information is in black font* Dare to go bare?  ...


Grad & Bridal Hair Trends

May 12

If you are graduating from High School, University or getting married this Summer, here are the Trendiest Hair Styles for 2014.   If you love Braids in your Hair, then you will be pleased to know that Braids are still...


“ANTI-AGING” Facial Tips

Apr 3

I am sure you have heard the phrase “anti-aging” hundreds of times by now. WHY? Simple…this is the generation who want to stay young at heart and in looks and have the excess money to purchase these specific “anti-aging” Beauty...



Mar 27

What NOT TO DO when applying your Eye Makeup.   1.) Do not use a peach or rose colored blush on your eyelids. At some point, I am sure you have heard “to save time and money this is a...


How to Blow Dry your Hair.

Mar 6

How does our Stylist do it?! You know what I am talking about…giving us the BIG, Voluminous, Glorious hair every time we leave the Salon. Here are some tips from the Professionals themselves! The Goal: Volume and body at the...


Do you have clean Makeup brushes?

Feb 18

Purchasing good quality Makeup brushes make all the difference in your application and your final look. Ensure you keep your brushes in pristine condition and they will last you for many years!   We love Jane Iredale’s Botanical Makeup Brush...


How to make your Manicure last!

Dec 27

WE ASKED! And here are our Esthetician’s Professional tips to ensure your manicure will last longer and look gorgeous! 1. Ensure your nail bed is clean and free from oils and residue before you start your manicure. Soak a cotton...


Flawless skincare tips

Dec 16

Some Facial tips and Poor Skin Habits to AVOID:   1. Do not pop your pimples! This can create facial scarring and cause a bacteria infection, which makes your spot bigger and brighter. Your spot will naturally heal itself within...


The Benefits of a Manicure

Nov 9

Why manicures do more than make your hands look pretty… The benefits of manicures are far vaster than most people believe.  Aside from keeping up the aesthetic appearance of your hands and nails, we have found even more reasons to...


What Your Missing From Your Facial Routine

Sep 13

  Just say you are in the market for a gently used car. Imagine a sexy red sports car…clean, shiny, polished. The exterior is freshly painted and maintained.  Then picture the interior with weathered leather…cracked, faded and torn.  Why would...


The Big Bang Hair Theory…

Aug 30

  It happens to us all… We see a new hairstyle and immediately need to have it (think blunt bangs).  Of course it looks great now, but do we consider how it will look after a month or so? Will...


Hair Drama…What NOT to do

Aug 20

Most of us forget about protecting our hair during the summer months but sun and heat are your hair and scalp’s worst enemy! If you pay a lot of money to color your hair remember you also need to protect...


Summer and your skin

Aug 14

Convertibles, outdoor pools, boat rides and rooftop patios….welcome to the Okanagan!  And while this all sounds amazing, long Sunny days spent swimming, sunning and sweating can wreak havoc on our skin! As we expose our skin to the excess drying...


Must Have Salon Product For Sleek Sexy Hair

Jul 26

  L’Oreal Mythic Oil Nourishing Masque   Benefits: As natural oil dissipate over time, the ends of our hair become dry and coarse.  Powerful oils help balance the hair leaving roots cleansed and ends nourished. L’Oreal Mythic Oil Nourishing Masque...


Wedding Day Beauty Emergency Kit

Jun 28

Wedding Day Beauty Emergency Kit   Top 5 must have items to keep in your clutch:       Jane Iredale Facial Blotting Wipes: Removes oil- NOT your makeup! Use anytime to keep shine at bay.     L’Oreal or...


Fool Proof Sunless Tan

May 31

  Our Tips To Help You Achieve The Best Sunless Tan Ever!   1) Make sure all hair removal is done prior to your application-This will prevent skin sensitivities and ensure your tan lasts.  Waxing should be done 24 hours...


Volume Anyone?

May 19

Dani’s Staff Pick Of The Month:   L’Oreal Professional Volume Inflator   Benefits:  A voluminous liquid gel with a great non-sticky feel. Great citrus scent! Results: Long lasting body with flexible hold. Recommended For:  Fine and/or flat hair.  Also great...


Sara’s Favourite Cleanser

May 9

Esthetician’s Staff Pick of the Month:   Benefits: Helps remove makeup, impurities and excess oil from the skin. Helps detoxify and refine pore size.  Safe for use around the delicate eye area Main/Active Ingredients : Anti-Microbial Peptides-helps protect the skin...


Sarah’s Staff Pick of the Month

Jan 17

Kevin Murphy “Anti-gravity” Oil Free Volumizer   Benefits: Rich in antioxidants.  Increases body and shine while controlling fly-aways. Main/Active Ingredients: Lavender-balances sebaceous glands, helpful for dry or oily hair. Grapefruit Extract-promotes hair growth and treats oily skin and hair.  Honey...


Your Perfect Red Lipstick

Dec 8

The best way to look glamourous with minimal effort? Red Lipstick!   Not ‘Rockin the Red’ in your rotation yet?  No worries! We have the fool-proof way to find your Perfect Red Lipstick: If the skin inside your wrist shows...


“Get Your Tint On!”

May 26

Imagine this:  the moisturizer you purchased offers a dash of sun protection and also helps to cover fine lines and blemishes…. Welcome to the world of ‘tinted’ potions! Tinted sunscreens are an effective and inexpensive must-have beauty tool, and here’s...


The Secret to a Sexy Pout!

Nov 28

Are you longing for fuller, more luscious lips? No problem! We’ve got a natural solution that will make your pout irresistible for that New Year’s Eve Kiss at midnight. Follow these 5 easy steps compiled by our very own Mirror...


Curls that last all night long!

Oct 29

The holiday season is fast approaching and many of us will be getting dressed up for those endless nights out on the town with friends and family. To make the holidays a little less stressful we’ve come up with these...