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IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN…and who doesn’t love

giving and receiving THE perfect gift?!


If you are wondering around the stores or racking your brain on what to give your Mom, wife, daughter or friend, then look no further. Trust me, every woman will love a Spa Gift Card!


The Gift Card can be used on their feet, hands, a facial or perhaps a massage. It can even be redeemed in our full service Salon. If you are not sure if she would like to “be touched”-yes ...


Introducing our GM Collins Sea C Spa Facial!



We are really excited to offer this results driven NEW Facial to our guests. This G.M.Collin’s FacialĀ  is an anti-aging treatment that is mainly derived from marine and botanical products.

The Sea C Spa Facial includes a Derm Peel, 15% Active Vitamin C, L-15% Ascorbic Acid, Hydraulic Acid and Bota peptides for amazingly visible results. A series of 4 is highly recommended however, you will see immediate results just after one Facial!

What you can expect:

1.Promotes Collagen Synthesis so your ...


I am sure you have heard the phrase “anti-aging” hundreds of times by now.

WHY? Simple…this is the generation who want to stay young at heart and in

looks and have the excess money to purchase these specific “anti-aging”

Beauty Products or Services.


Let’s talk specifically about your Face:

Do you know what happens to your Facial skin when we enter into a more “mature” stage of our lives? (I’m talking 40 or older here!)


Here is the simplified version for you:

1. Our skin cells in our Face get confused ...


Gift Cards

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